EMS User Group

Welcome to the home of the Pittsburgh TCM EMS Users Group

This website is being provided by MFG Systems, the Pittsburgh based affiliate of EMS responsible for sales and support of TCM in Western Pennsylvania.

The Pittsburgh EMSUG was officially launched in August of 1997. Our purpose is to share our experiences in using the Time Critical Manufacturing system (TCM) from Effective Management Systems of Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Our desire is that in sharing information we may all gain from each others' experiences. This website will serve as a repository of the knowledge provided by each member or group. It will grow to include tip's and hints, white papers and other valuable information.

Our first tool in addressing this goal is the EMSUG Message Board. This is a web-based bulletin board where you can post questions about your specific TCM problems to the entire body of EMS users registered to use this tool. Users may then post responses to your question. In time, as the volume of topics grows, we will catalog the questions and their responses by application and provide search tools to assist new users in finding answers to the frequently asked questions.

Access to the EMSUG Message Board is restricted to employees of companies actively using EMS software, or employees of EMS or EMS marketing affiliates.

To be granted access to the EMSUG Message Board,`please send a request via email to:


  • Your name
  • Your desired user name for the message board
  • Company name and address
  • Company telephone number
  • Name of your EMS Sales Representative

or Click Here to go to a form to fill out.

We'll send you a user name and password to allow access to the EMSUG Message Board.