SYSPRO enterprise resource planning (ERP) software enables companies in a variety of industries to maximize the planning and management of business processes to better position themselves in their respective markets, ensure customer fulfillment, and ultimately, to improve bottom-line results.

SYSPRO enterprise software is the foundation of successful supply chain management. SYSPRO meets the comprehensive information technology needs of emerging companies with a totally integrated solution that encompasses: ERP, APS, CRM and E-Commerce.

WorkWise provides enterprise-wide solutions that enable manufacturers to maximize profits through improved use of their information assets. We partner with make-to-order, engineer-to-order, repetitive, make-to-stock and mixed-mode manufacturers to shorten cycle times, reduce inventory and improve customer service.

The WorkWise TCM™ (Time Critical Manufacturing®) enterprise application software takes time out of the business process and adds value to your products or services. TCM empowers you by providing proactive, up-to-the minute information so decisions can be made instantly on production processes and business activities.

Personal CRM

Innovative Products for your Internet Relationship Management

PersonalCRM Inc. provides award winning product add-ons for ACT! and Outlook, the leading contact management tools in our industry.

PersonalCRM develops innovative solutions that facilitate and improve internet communications via email. Our solutions are all client-based and provide our customers with easy to use, point and click capabilities for complex functions.

These products have shown productivity and sales closure improvements by as much as 400%. Use these add-on solutions to increase ACT! or Outlook's effectiveness. If your goal is to establish fast, easy to use one-to-many or one-to-one stay in touch procedures, we've got the product for you.

IFS Manufacturing is a very flexible system that handles all types of manufacturing, from mass production of high-volume products to mass customization. Regardless of the nature of your present or future manufacturing systems, IFS Manufacturing provides the IT support you require.

IFS Manufacturing helps you get things right from the very beginning in addition to supporting continuous cost reductions. You can eliminate an enormous amount of administration without diminishing the traceability of your products


Service Pro is a powerful business-centric service management and customer relations software solution with the capacity to resolve the most vexing and complex issues inherent in service operations.

Designed for mid-range companies with practical and proven business logic, Service Pro can turn your service department into a profit center within days of implementation.

From Field Service and Asset Tracking to RMA Administration and Contract Management, Service Pro is the right tool for an affordable price.